Initial Examination and Treatment (30-45 min) - $149

Your chiropractor will have you fill out any necessary paperwork including consent and healthcare privacy (HIPAA) forms followed by a comprehensive health history.  A full chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological examination will be conducted at your home or office.  Goals, expectations and a strategic plan will be discussed and treatment will begin on the first visit if agreed upon and medically necessary.

*For office calls, we do require employer confirmation that will be OK.*

Subsequent Visits (10-25 min) - $99

Follow up sessions include appropriate adjustments, therapy, soft tissue work or exercise rehabilitation recommendations. Additional family members can schedule with Main Line Concierge Chiropractic at the same appointment for an additional cost. Each additional family member will need to schedule an initial consultation, health history and sign the necessary forms prior to receiving treatment.

Re-Examination and Treatment (30-45 min) - $129

Re-evaluations will be conducted for actively treating patients who suffer a new injury or inactive patients who suffer a new injury or have not received treatment for over 12 months. Similar to a new patient evaluation, proper documentation and paperwork is necessary, a full examination and strategic plan will be conducted and treatment will begin if medically necessary.

 *If you are trying to schedule an appointment online and cannot find an available time, please call or email us! We will do our best to schedule you outside of normal treatment times. *


The providers at Main Line Concierge Chiropractic are trained to be very diverse in their adjusting techniques and style. Their techniques will always vary from patient to patient, but is always the safest, most appropriate and gentle care.

Main Line Concierge Chiropractic takes a structural and bio-mechanical approach to enhance proper spinal and extremity function. Treatment will focus on reducing pain and returning the patient to an active lifestyle in the shortest amount of time. Treatment will focus on pain reduction, improved function, increased range of motion/flexibility, postural correction and building strength.

Your chiropractors will be very thorough with their treatment and will recommend proper exercises and nutrition that is specific to you which is why long-term treatment plan are typically NOT needed.

Payment Options

Main Line Concierge Chiropractic accepts payment via check, exact cash amounts and credit/debit cards. For your convenience, you may choose (optional) to securely store your payment information in our compliant electronic health records and billing software. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) are accepted. We are out-out-network with all insurance carriers; however, we can provide a receipt with the information necessary for self-submission upon request.

*Any receipts for insurance self-submission will be produced after the 1st visit, and again at the end of the active care plan. It is worth nothing that some insurance companies will not accept treatment from an out-of-network provider and will not provide any reimbursement benefit.